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The Literary Studio is a freelance-powered editorial and publishing consultancy, offering editorial services to the large and dynamic pre-publication market across the English-language world.

Lorena Goldsmith

The Literary Studio started as Daniel Goldsmith Associates, a sole endeavour gradually evolved into a collective of specialist freelancer editors

In essence, we are a UK-based team of freelance readers, editors, proof-readers, typesetters and cover designers, working on fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature. 

Our central focus is on delivering an unmatched editorial experience to our clients. 

This means that the experience of every client drives everything we do at the Studio.  


The editorial service was founded in 2007 by Lorena Goldsmith, a freelance literary editor and translator of middle-grade fiction.

Lorena started working in publishing at the age of eighteen and since then has covered almost every type of in-house role across the publishing spectrum, from editorial assistant to commissioning editor, to rights and contracts, to publisher.

Lorena has a diploma in Copyright Law from King’s College London and runs a referral-only contracts management practice for literary agents, where she advises on terms of licensing rights and copyright law.

In addition to being a full-service editorial and publishing consultancy, the Literary Studio organises an annual writing competition, the First Novel Prize, open to unpublished and independently published novelists. Launched in 2016, the Prize discovered many extraordinary new writers that went on to be successfully published. Entries are open every year between February and May, when a leading literary agent and a senior commissioning editor choose the winners of the First Prize and the Shortlist Prize.

We are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic editors. If you have in-house experience and/or a formal qualification in creative writing or publishing, as well as a passion for nurturing beginning writers, please get in touch.  

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