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The Literary Studio is a freelance-powered editorial and publishing consultancy, offering editorial services to the large and dynamic pre-publication market across the English-language world.

In 2007, Lorena Goldsmith, a literary editor and translator at the time, founded the consultancy as Daniel Goldsmith Associates, for the trivial reasons of avoiding the commute to an office.

Lorena started working in the industry at eighteen and since then has covered almost every type of in-house role across the publishing spectrum, from assistant to commissioning editor, to rights and contracts, to publisher.

Lorena has a diploma in Copyright Law from King’s College London and runs a referral-only contracts management practice for literary agents, where she advises on terms of licensing rights and copyright law.

Miles Hawksley, Senior Editor, joined the Literary Studio in 2017 as an Editorial Coordinator.

Miles is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, an MA in Creative Writing and currently working towards a PhD in English Literature.

Miles works on most fiction and children’s literature. His duties include manuscript assessment, Submission Package Review, Substantive Editing and Copy editing.
An avid reader and a dedicated pet parent, Miles runs marathons and raises money for charity.

The Literary Studio organises the established First Novel Prize, a writing competition open to unpublished and independently published novelists, and Leo Minor, open to children’s fiction writers.

In 2023, almost two decades from its humble beginnings, Daniel Goldsmith Associates relaunched as the Literary Studio, an endeavour with a much larger scope of ambition and a laser-focus on the client’s experience.

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