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Novel in a Year Mentoring Course

Writing can be a lonely occupation. There is an alternative. 

At the Literary Studio, you can start writing a novel, from the first paragraph to the last, while working with a professional editor over the course of one year.

Our Novel in a Year course is the equivalent of taking a creative writing course, with the benefit of real-time collaboration with the mentor and at a much lower cost.

In twelve monthly sessions, you will be able to submit instalments of up to 10,000 words for your mentor to assess as you go. Your mentor will respond with assessment and directions for the development of the next 10,000 words.

The expected result will be a complete novel.

For whom is Novel in a Year?

New writers looking to start writing their first or next novel in within a structured framework, with editorial feedback at every stage.

Writers who have completed their manuscript, but are looking to revise it through organised editing and rewriting, under the guidance of a professional and market-aware mentor, replicating the experience you would have with a publisher’s in-house editor.

Writers looking to increase their productivity, by establishing a writing routine and setting monthly deadlines for stints of 10,000 written words. 

Here are some of the benefits of writing your novel step by step while working with a professional editor:

• Highly personal, one-to-one feedback from a dedicated professional editor;
• Guaranteed commitment to getting your passion project completed, with monthly deadlines for your submissions;
• An uninterrupted creative flow;
• Instant feedback on the direction of your plot;
• Instant feedback on character development;
• Instant feedback on writing style;
• Extensive advice on marketability and industry insights on what the next step is;
• Unlimited contact by email with your editor, at your convenience;
• No set start and end dates, each course is individual, meaning you can start working with your editor next week;
• Convenient and easy-to-manage monthly payments, easy to cancel at any time with no penalties;
• A 10% discount on any of our services at the end of the course.

If your novel is finished in less than twelve months, you can choose to stop the course at any time.



Terms and Conditions

Applications are assessed individually and acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Literary Studio Ltd. Submissions must be fiction only. Submissions must be made monthly by a deadline mutually agreed with the mentor via email. The submission date must follow the payment date by no longer than five days. Payment must be made via Stripe invoicing, following instructions from the Literary Studio Ltd. The mentor agrees to assess and reply to all submissions within 14 days of the initially agreed date. The client agrees to submit the monthly instalment of up to 10,000 words within 14 days of receiving the mentor’s feedback. If a submission has passed the deadline, the mentor reserves the right to assess it within a further 14 days. Submissions must not exceed 10,000 words. One 40-minute phone or video call is included with every course. Additional phone or video calls are at the mentor’s discretion, by prior agreement only and they carry an additional fee. The client can exit the course at any time by submitting a four-week notice of cancellation. No refunds will be made for submissions already assessed. The 10% discount on further services is subject to completion of the full twelve-month course. The Literary Studio Ltd gives no guarantee that the client will complete the novel during the course. The Literary Studio Ltd gives no guarantees that the client’s work will be accepted by a literary agent or a publisher as a result of taking part in the course.

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