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There is an ever increasing demand for new and original content in the busiest market of all creative industries, which brings great opportunity for talented scriptwriters.

Turning a written script into a pitch is the necessary step in getting your work seen by the right professionals.

At the Literary Studio, we work with professional editors to assess scripts for the screen and the stage.

Our goal is two-fold: we aim to improve the script and we aim to improve the pitch. We will look at structure, storytelling through drama, characters and dialogue and we will look at positioning the pitch.

The script is a very slim form. First creating your vision and then conveying it to people you need to convince of its worth takes skill and practice.

Our editors, as well as holding relevant qualifications, have extensive experience in assisting talent agencies and working with writers, actors, directors and producers.

We will need a cover letter and a synopsis or treatment along with your submitted script to understand your vision and your aims for the proposal.

Film scripts

Submit 30 pages or less a for a short film assessment. Submit up to 110 pages for a feature film assessment. Screenplays over 110 pages will only be read by special arrangement. Please write or call before submitting.

Television scripts 

Spec scripts, project proposals and bibles for TV and streaming platforms are welcome for submission. 


We welcome theatre scripts for appraisal.

We can only accept formatted scripts. If you’re working in the UK, check The BBC Format Guide for Screenplays on how to format your script. 

There many free online platforms where you can format your script to industry standards. We recommend Writer Duet, Celtx and Trelby.


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