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An overview of the editorial services on offer from the Literary Studio

If enjoyment is what gives writing its popularity, the appeal of rewriting lies in its utility. Rewriting has a problem to solve.
A report-based editorial service with the addition of editorial comments on the manuscript.
An assessment of the solutions you found to the problems we identified in the initial assessment.
Writing. The secret of its popularity lies in its enjoyment. There’s no greater pleasure than getting a sentence just right.
Our Submission Package Review is specifically designed for writers who are actively seeking literary representation.
At the Literary Studio, we work with professional editors to assess scripts for the screen and the stage.
Discovering a promising manuscript is as exciting for a literary consultant as it is for a literary agent or editor.
If you’re looking to self-publish, the Literary Studio can help you. Not by publishing your book, but by preparing your book professionally ready for print.
Querying literary agents should be an exciting undertaking. Often it is anything but.
At the Literary Studio, you can start writing a novel, from the first paragraph to the last, while working with a professional editor over the course of one year.
We offer ghostwriting services on exceptional non-fiction projects, such as memoirs and popular topics.


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Here’s a handy table that summarises the subtle, but significant differences between our editorial services.



Direct editing on the manuscript

Editor comments in the margin of the manuscript
Review of Synopsis
Review of Letter to Agent
Developmental suggestions
Real-time collaboration between author and editor
Forty-minute free call
Manuscript Assessment
Developmental Editing
Copy Editing
Subtantive Editing
Submission Package Review