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Client testimonials

The editor’s comments were helpful and insightful. His editorial suggestions were clear and to the point and most of all his very positive and encouraging assessment helped me decide to definitely go ahead and find a specialist publisher. I might otherwise have left it on the shelf. The Farm that Raised Me is now selling well locally with a second print-run on order already owing partly to The Literary Studio’s input that inspired me to push on, as well as the good job done by the publishers at Logaston Press.
David Jones

The editor has, as before, delivered a report that is pertinent, constructive and honest. She has an innate ability to hone in on those parts of my manuscript that are the parts where I am effectively waving a white flag and saying help.

Susan Sjoeblom

Having had an assessment, reassessment and substantive editing done at The Literary Studio, I can confidently recommend their services to anyone interested in getting quality work done. My editor was forthright with praise & criticism alike, which helped me understand exactly where my work stood and what I needed to do to make it better. A lovely surprise was that they delivered exactly on time, every time.

Zubin Aibara

I really am very happy with everything you have done for me.  If only I had heard about you sooner!  I worked in the dark for so long. I had an idea there was help out there but did not know how to access it.

Rica Hene

As an aspiring author, I have used The Literary Studio’s services to help shape my first two novels, The Dream Job and The Secret Life, both by way of an initial assessment and subsequent reassessment. I have found the feedback honest, considered and immensely valuable in improving my manuscripts. The benefit of their professional help cannot be overstated. Lovely people too!

Robbie Vale
Rick Bland

The Literary Studio’s substantive editing service provided me with crucial in-depth analysis of my manuscript, Slaughterhouse of Souls, leading to a highly collaborative page by page development of the novel by an expert editor. A service I found invaluable in identifying weaknesses and honing the prose and structure into something significantly more polished.

Norrie Sinclair

I truly recommend The Literary Studio’s services, especially the manuscript assessment. The three reports I received from the editor provided me with priceless insights on how to take my writing to a whole new level. I write memoirs on very intimate and sensitive themes and felt that my text received the utmost respect and attention. At times I had the impression the editor understood my stories better than myself! It’s no exaggeration to say that they have an almost artistic way of analysing manuscripts. It’s quite a talent the way they made me aware of the potential of my writing without hesitating to highlight what could be improved.

Andreia Rodrigues

The Literary Studio reviewed my package of three children’s picture book texts with synopses and query letter. The review pulled apart the query letter and synopses, clearly setting out what literary agents look for in submissions and what was missing in mine. This covered basic information, information specific to each agent and tone. The review of the stories was especially helpful. Reading my stories after the adjustments that were recommended to text and pace was a pleasant surprise! The Literary Studio‘s review was clear, informative and encouraging and I recommend them to you.’

Johanna Klein

A masterclass in writing.

Russell Connor

I really appreciated the Literary Studio’s careful reading of my manuscript. I had poured years into crafting the plot and developing the characters and I felt my editor took the time to understand what I was attempting to do from a literary point of view.

My editor was very positive about what worked, balancing this with critiques that were constructive and pointed, rather than harsh. This approach served to help me reflect even more deeply about certain decisions I had made with regard to plot and character development.

One thing that stood out about my feedback was my editor’s stressing about readability. She appreciated the quality of my writing and because of this, wanted to ensure I was not making choices that would cause readers to lose interest in an unwieldy plot. This encouraged me to revisit the manuscript to ensure the main threads were there and doing their jobs, ie., to keep the plot tightly woven and the reader engaged.

Lisa-Anne Julien
Anne Cunningham

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