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Manuscript Reassessment

One hundred percent of our clients think our manuscript assessment has helped them better their manuscript. This makes our manuscript reassessment service a popular choice.

What is a manuscript reassessment?

A manuscript reassessment in essence an assessment of the manuscript following the editor’s suggestions in the initial report.

As literary consultants, we are problem-finders, not problem-solvers. We’re here to flag what doesn’t quite convince readers in the way we hope it will, leaving the problem-solving to the writer.

The assessment identified shortcomings, gave you space for reflection, where new insights about your story and your characters emerged. It will have confirmed some of your own instincts about your book or it will have flagged something completely new. Either way, the purpose of your editor’s suggestions was to transform your manuscript into a better version of itself. Goals were signposted and techniques presented.

The new manuscript will be the outcome of that rethinking and rewriting process, which clients often describe as ‘hard work and lots of fun’.

Client Testimonial

As an aspiring author, I have used The Literary Studio’s services to help shape my first two novels, The Dream Job and The Secret Life, both by way of an initial assessment and subsequent reassessment. I have found the feedback honest, considered and immensely valuable in improving my manuscripts. The benefit of their professional help cannot be overstated. Lovely people too!

Robbie Vale

Benefits of a manuscript reassessment

Having your work assessed and reassessed creates an intentional process around your writing effort. And what is success if not the ultimate by-product of intentional process?

Spending time in the editorial process, reading widely and critically in your genre, questioning decisions other authors make and applying the insights to your own practice will make a good outcome more likely.

The focus of a reassessment is on progress from the first version to the new version. As such, we try to make the same editor available for the reread.

Seeing progress in a writer’s work is what makes an editor’s job deeply rewarding. A tighter narrative, a more precise word choice, a more immersive scene or a complex transition from one arc point to another that now convinces the reader are all hallmarks of progress.

Client Testimonial

The editor has, as before, delivered a report that is pertinent, constructive and honest. She has an innate ability to hone in on those parts of my manuscript that are the parts where I am effectively waving a white flag and saying help.

Susan Sjoeblom


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