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Recommendation to Agents and Publishers

Discovering a promising manuscript is as exciting for a literary consultant as it is for a literary agent or editor.

As consultants, our success is our clients’ success.

At the Literary Studio, we get excited at the prospect of seeing a good manuscript in print. If we believe in it, we will pitch it to agents or editors we know to be actively seeking submissions in the same genre.

We will only pitch manuscripts we have assessed and deemed ready for submission to an agent. In our manuscript assessment reports, we explain whether we believe the manuscript is ready or not ready to be submitted to an agent or publisher. 

Our assessment looks at both the quality of the manuscript and at its potential as a publishing proposal. If these two values are high enough, your editor will discuss recommendation with you, and suggest specific agencies or publishers we believe are suitable.

We are entirely independent, although we know some agents and editors better than others. We may suggest an internationally acclaimed agency or a smaller one. We may choose a large publisher or we may choose a niche, specialist house. One thing is for sure, we will never charge for this service. Our recommendation service will always be free to the author and free to the agent or publisher.

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