Free Mystery Book + Shopping Bag with Every Manuscript Assessment

This promotion has now ended. To celebrate our relaunch, between now and the end of January 2024, we will give away a free mystery book and an exclusive shopping bag with every manuscript assessment. The mystery book is a carefully selected fiction debut title, in the genre of the manuscript assessed. Our editors research debuts […]

Crafting Conversations: Writing Good Dialogue in Fiction

One evening I took a break from the dense, jargon-laden books prescribed for my academic course and picked up a romance. A light, sexy book that was unlikely to make me question my worldview on a Saturday (I never really recovered after reading The Last White Man). Ten minutes in, I had to set it […]

How to Become a Market-Savvy Writer in 5 Days (a Step-by-step Guide)

‘Know your reader’ is a great mantra for any writer, published or unpublished. In today’s hugely competitive market, it doesn’t seem to be quite enough anymore. While ‘Know your industry’ is significantly less important, the extra knowledge can be to some extent valuable in an aspiring writer’s quest to getting published. With a bit of […]

How to Structure a Strong Narrative

Following on from the post on the action-consequence principle on strengthening your storytelling, in this post I’ll illustrate how to build a narrative mini-arc, by using one of the greatest examples of accomplished narrative structure, Ken Follett’s masterpiece, The Pillars of the Earth. According to the action-consequence principle, every event in a story has to be either […]