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Mya-Rose Craig
Jonathan Cape and Vintage in the UK and Celadon Books in the US, March 2023

‘Discover a powerful, evocative and urgent new young voice in nature writing.

‘Birdwatching has never felt like a hobby, or a pastime I can pick up and put down, but a thread running through the pattern of my life.’

Meet Mya-Rose – otherwise known as ‘Birdgirl’. Birder, environmentalist, diversity activist. To date she has seen over five thousand different types of bird: half the world’s species.

Every single bird a treasure. Each sighting a small step in her family journey – a collective moment of joy and stillness. And each helping her to find her voice.

Since she was young, she has visited every continent to pursue her passion, seeing first-hand the inequality and reckless destruction we are inflicting on our fragile planet. And the simple, mindful act of looking for birds has made her ever-more determined to campaign for all our survival.

This is her story; a journey defined by her love for these extraordinary creatures. Because large or small, brown, patterned or jewelled, there is something about birds that makes us, even for just moments at a time, lift our eyes away from our lives and up to the skies.

Birdgirl is the perfect read for fans of H is for HawkDiary of a Young Naturalist, and any young or aspiring environmentalists.’

Dr Mya-Rose Craig D.Sc. h.c. who is also known as Birdgirl is a 20-year-old British-Bangladeshi birder, race activist and environmentalist campaigning for equal access to nature, to stop climate change and biodiversity loss and ensure Global Climate Justice, which she believes are closely inter-linked. She has been birding all her life, started training as a bird ringer under the British Trust for Ornithology’s birding ringing scheme when she was only 9 years old, getting her licence at age 16, the youngest age possible. Nature and birds are her passion and she does everything she can to save nature and stop habitat loss.

She fights for the prioritisation of the human rights of indigenous peoples, being a Survival International Ambassador. Her first book, We have a Dream, was illustrated by Sabrena Khadija and published by Magic Cat Publishing. It highlights 30 young global environmentalists of colour, amplifying their voices in the Global North and was nominated for The Discover Book of the Year Category in the British Book Awards 2022 (Also known as The Nibbies).

Her memoir, Birdgirl, is published by Penguin Random House/Vintage Books, Jonathan Cape imprint. It is a book about her love of birds and how they helped her cope with her mum’s mental illness.

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