Lost the Plot

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Lost the Plot

Allotment Junkie
Allotment Junkie, 2013

The first in a series of three books on getting and keeping a successful allotment plot, Lost the Plot is a richly illustrated guide on how to start an allotment up, from renting the plot from your local landlord to harvesting your first crop, all tried and tested by an enthusiastic author. Stunningly illustrated, witty and useful, the book is already a hit with the author’s large online community of followers.


Allotment Junkie: “Producing a book, be it fiction or reference, and then publishing it yourself is probably one of the hardest projects you’ll ever undertake. The commitment and effort on your part to bring that volume of work to market requires investment not only by your good self, but also by the people you surround yourself with. Being from a creative background, I’m more of a visual person, with less emphasis on the written content. My first submission to Lorena @ DGA consisted of nearly 300 pages of graphic content, photographs and illustrations. The feedback, advice and encouragement from these guys has now set me on the path of producing a trilogy of books, and possibly a new career path. If you’re looking for people who are passionate about this stuff – team DGA are your guys!”


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