Chasing Innocence

Success Story

Chasing Innocence

John Potter
Creative Crow, 2012

Sarah Sawacki’s past has made her a survivor. At the age of 28 her life is the best it has ever been. When she sees ten-year-old Andrea being kidnapped, her every instinct is to turn away. Sarah can only follow, journeying beyond reason for an innocence she never knew. Andrea’s father is ex-forces and struggling in a civilian world he cares nothing for. Only now his daughter is missing, has he realised how precious she is. Teamed with Sarah’s husband, they use the trail left by Sarah to hunt for Andrea. Legendary detective Francis Boer is dying. He will call upon all his intuition and experience as he works to discover why Andrea was targeted in the first place. His hope is not to catch the guilty, but to save one last innocent. Chasing Innocence is a thrilling debut that blends fast narrative and intense action with an enthralling story.

John Potter: “I wanted a product that was at least as polished and entertaining as the largest publishing houses could produce, so I chose Daniel Goldsmith Associates for all the editorial and prepress. Editor Katie Green first smoothed some rough edges from the story and then heroically copy-edited the whole manuscript, giving it a consistent grammatical narrative and even suggesting what is now one of my favourite lines and moments in the book. The proofreading gave the manuscript a professional shine and spotlighted two flaws that caused a late night or two. For the cover they surpassed my wildest expectations. I provided a very striking image and they designed a cover that was both charismatic and eye-catching. It is totally jaw dropping. So much hinged on this, especially as sales are primarily internet-based. In typesetting they produced a layout that was easy on the eye, contemporary to modern thrillers and importantly, minimised printing costs. They say writing is a lonely business, but taking a book to the reading audience is not. The word is collaboration. Publishing Chasing Innocence was never about vanity, it is and always was about a contemporary and commercial product. We worked hard to this end and Daniel Goldsmith Associates rose to the challenge on every occasion.”


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