If You Save Me

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If You Save Me

Lisa-Anne Julien
Kwela, World English, July 2021

From the publisher:

‘In London, surgeon Carl Kleinhans hopes for a possible redemption through a pioneering but risky living donor liver transplant. His patient, an alcoholic, is relying on his estranged Trinidadian son to be the donor.

But while saving others, Carl feels his personal life needs help, as his relationship deteriorates amidst buried memories and lies.

Meanwhile, at Carl’s childhood home in South Africa, young Promise is aware of things being spoken of in hushed tones.

If You Save Me is a sweeping story that asks what you would sacrifice to save another. And more importantly, what is expected when they save you?’

Lisa-Anne Julien lives in South Africa. If You Save Me is her fiction debut. Lisa-Anne blogs at www.lisaannejulien.co.za.

‘I really appreciated DGA’s careful assessment of my manuscript. I had poured years into crafting the plot and developing the characters and I felt she took the time to understand what I was attempting to do from a literary point of view. My editor was very positive about what worked, balancing this with critiques that were constructive and pointed, rather than harsh. This approach served to help me reflect even more deeply about certain decisions I had made in regards to plot and character development.
One thing that stood out about my feedback was the editor’s stressing about readability. She appreciated the quality of my writing and because of this, wanted to ensure I was not making choices that would cause readers to lose interest in an unwieldy plot. This encouraged me to revisit the manuscript to ensure the main threads were there and doing their jobs, i.e. to keep the plot tightly woven and the reader engaged.’ Lisa-Anne Julien


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